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twinners.org - portal page for fandomy stuff
made we perfectly pretty - MWPP fanart collaboration tribute

who are you??
I've always called myself by the unfortunate name of glockgal online. I've been online for a few years, and bounced around in a few fandoms and have drawn quite a few fanarts.

do you take commissions?
That I surely do, yes! You can find out more information here. Thank you for your interest!

will you draw me _______ from my fanfic/fave fandom/pairing? I like your art, but I'm poor.
I could, but I am also poor and art costs money + time to make. Them's the breaks.

your art is okay, but not that good. Can I tell you why?
Please do! I enjoy and welcome constructive criticism, but I won't suffer flames/trolls/rudeness.

your art is okay, and i'd love to archive it/make an icon/banner/graphic. what's your policy?
First, thank you! And my policy:
- If you want to make an icon or avatar for LJ or anything else, feel free. Don't worry about asking unless it's a commission. I'd love if you credited the art to glockgal
- If you want to archive, make a banner or graphic or repost or anything else other than icons, please email and ask me first! Usually, I'll say yes, with crediting; I mostly just like to know where and what my art's being used for.

do you really think you're all that?
No. No, I really don't. Really. Really. Oh man. Go on and look at some fanart now!

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