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Because of this, I created this:

made we perfectly pretty
glockart, collaborated

Hee, I know the name is cheesin' cheesola, but I couldn't think of anything else. But more importantly

ATTENTION: Colorists of the MWPP + Lily pic: Hey hey! Still need some more drabble and/or scenarios from some of you lovelies. I drew a pack already, but I don't wanna start posting them until I get everyone's requests. Comment here and give me something to draw for you! Again, I'll draw from any of the following fandoms--

HP, LoTR, Prince of Tennis, DC Universe, X-Titles, Books of Magic, Firefly, Hellblazer, Master & Commander, Weiss Kreuz, Bruno and Boots

slash, gen, het, it's all good. No original characters, please, I don't have time for research like that. :D


In non-HP news, I have some art that I blame thete1 for. I like blaming people for stuff. Gets me off the hook, and everyone knows I'm just in it for myself. Yeehaw! Just hand me Vera and call me Jayne!

I'm not gonna explain, you'll just have to ask Te. Ahahaahah!

I actually drew this one first, but I think the second one goes more with Te's original vision. *snerk* This one I just had to draw cuz it was funny.

That was the most non-explanatory explanations I've ever done for my art. Heh.

C'est ca!
Tags: batman family, harry potter
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