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ART: HP, SPN, original

This post is very image-heavy.

Subject: Dean and Sam Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Media: ink
Notes: This art is old, but I forgot about it, ahah. It's for the lovely site spn_color.

(Link takes you to art on spn_color)

Subject: human!Crookshanks + human!Pigwidgeon + human!Hedwig
Fandom: HP
Rating: G
Media: colourpencil and pencil
Notes: Welcome to the first of many posts dedicated to Quills for a Cause (hpqfac)!! To start it off, I wanted to draw the pets of the Trio, as, uh humans.

Why did I draw them as humans? I don't care to draw animals unless I have to I was rereading the books and it struck me just how much personality JKR gives the animals. It's so endearing! And so I had to personify them, just out of curiousity. I'm sure it's been done a dozen times before by other artists, and probably a hella lot better, heh!

Subject: Harry + Snape
Fandom: HP
Rating: G
Media: pencil
Notes: One of the first the HP canon sketches for Quills for a Cause. I figured I'd do one colored piece and one or two sketches per HP book. People gave me so many good ideas! Thanks to coervus for this suggestion. Remember people, sign-up for sponsors is still open! Even if it's just a dollar, trust me - it'll make a difference

Up in the air, Snape turned his broomstick just in time to see something scarlet shoot past him, missing him by inches - next second, Harry pulled out of the dive, his arm raised in triumph, the Snitch clasped in his hand.

Subject: ballerina
Fandom: original art
Rating: G
Media: ink, watercolour
Notes: Commission for phix_me_up! This was a very fun illo to do, and I hope I did her friend justice, ballet-wise. :D

Subject: Nelson's Navy Dude
Fandom: original art
Rating: G
Media: Pshop
Notes: Some scraps of art from my illustration class at school! Probably only interesting to people who like to draw...or like 18th century British naval guys. ;D

First we came up with a dozen or so sketches of our idea to try and conceptualize it.

Then we came up with some thumbnails for the composition. I ended up choosing none of these, ahaha.

Then we drew and painted and added a background if we wanted.Yarr! The coloring method my teacher taught was SO. COOL.

And then we drew model-sheet style turns! We needed to include a front view, side view and back view. This is unfinished.

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