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ART: Black brothers + Susannah Dean

Subject: Sirius and Regulus Black
Fandom: HP
Rating: G
Media: photoshop
Notes: Interesting backstory for this one, actually! I included it under the lj-cut.

So last year when I was in London, son_of_darkness took a pile of us fangirls to this pub that was...I think close to Marble Arch? Anyway, it was dubbed 'Snape's Pub' because of all the insanely awesome themed decorations. Gleeful, I asked xterm to snap a few photos for later drawing references.

Fastforward to the end of September 2005, and I am on a 10-hour flight back to Canada with my laptop in tow. I decide to pull one of those lovely Snape's Pub photos and start crappily sketching it out. When my plane landed, I had saved the measly amount of lineart on my laptop and, my mind already on The Witching Hour, I promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward again to August 2006 when I'm trying to clean up my laptop and I discover this mysterious .psd file of a half-finished pub scene featuring the Black brothers. Feeling the need to practice my photoshop coloring skills, I readdressed it and...this is the final result. Phew.

So, I guess technically, this artwork took me almost a year to complete. That's, like, incredible for me and my usual short attention span.

Subject: Susannah Dean
Fandom: The Dark Tower series
Rating: G
Media: pshop
Notes: Yet another forgotten piece of art that I did last year in London. This one I left unfinished, but it's kinda neat in its sketchy form.

Tags: dark tower, harry potter

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