NO KILL I (glockgal) wrote in glockart,

ART: Charlie/Parvati

Subject: Charlie/Parvati
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: NSFW: nudity
Media: photoshop
Notes: Art for 2011 smutty_claus fest!

Link to art on smutty_claus comm!

Hallo! I'm posting art here again. Thank you for your patience while glockart was paused for maintenance. :D

A few minor current changes:
1) After this post, all subsequent posts will have comments disabled. I thank you in advance for looking at and enjoying my arts! *MWAH*
2) Given the current state of the interwebs, I don't think it's relevant for me to lock NSFW art posts any longer. So I won't! Until there comes a time when I think I might have to. :D But for now, eh!

Stay tuned for more art, coming your way! (This time, I really mean it!)
Tags: harry potter, harry potter adult
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