NO KILL I (glockgal) wrote in glockart,

ART: Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Subject: Tony Stark (racebend)
Fandom: Iron Man
Rating: general
Media: photoshop
Notes: I only have a bajillion arts I need to post, but I read this fic today and the fangirl in my took over. This is Vietnamese-American Tony Stark, based off the unbelievably amazing fic horns of a deer, feet of a tiger by softintelligence.

I don't geek out much on Iron Man except from Marvel cross-overs and movies, but I am fond of his lore. And re-branding his history like in this fic, it hit home emotionally for me, in a lot of ways.


Also! I'm trying hard to do a sequel to my Drawing Characters of Colour tutorial (really more of an advice sheet, lol) about how to colour, uh, characters of colour, lol. Like skin tones and stuff.

But...I'm kinda having problems figuring out what people need to know? I've never really been a strategtic colourist for anything or anyone and this upcoming tutorial is actually making me think about my colouring process, ahahah. It's pretty neat.

So! If you have any questions about how to colour characters of colour, please let me know! You can comment here, or if you're shy, feel free to email me:

Then I'll collate all the curiousities and I'll hopefully come up with a handy and useful guide!



Finally, more art coming soon, I think I'll just do a mass art deposit!
Tags: marvel comics
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