NO KILL I (glockgal) wrote in glockart,

ART: Ron/Draco

Subject: Ron/Draco
Fandom: HP
Rating: G
Media: photoshop (reference images via Google Images and Getty Images)
Notes: Fanart for an AMAZING fic. And if you like Ron, you need to read it. Hey - if you don't like Ron, read it anyway because Ron is EXACTLY PERFECT AND TOTALLY THE REASON WHY I LOVE RON SO MUCH, OMG. WHY DON'T I KNOW WHO THIS AUTHOR IS SO THAT I CAN DONATE MY FIRSTBORN. The best I can do is fanart.

PLEASE READ (it's not a long fic):
How Ron Weasley Learned to Tolerate Kimchi and Draco Malfoy, by Glee (via merry_smutmas).

Also, I am ridiculously pleased with this fanart and I don't say that often. But yeah. As you'll see, I'm somewhat infatuated with the pixel art of Eboy. Just somewhat. ;D

Also? I am NEVER drawing this complicated a background again. EVER. NEVER EVER. (okay, maybe one day. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. HURR HURR)

Tags: harry potter, harry potter slash
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